The Adventures of Akimbo in Her Search for Consumption (and Some Lesser Tales)

Hello everybody. After more than a year we’re finally releasing the second blend of Akimbo, our Masumoto peach sour aged in Chardonnay barrels and dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin. Both blends of Akimbo have had quite the journey. Around July of 2016 we started brewing our first large 15bbl batches of wort and filling barrels. […]

1st Anniversary Party Info

We’ve made it a year! And to help celebrate we have a few things going on that you should know about! Seconds: A First Anniversary Beer For our year one anniversary, we will be releasing our first anniversary beer, called Seconds. This special beer is a blend of 5 barrels from 4 different recipes, ranging […]

Le Con and Other Apricot Beers

Time flies. In 3 weeks it’ll have been a year since we released our first beer, ++good Mosaic. This last weekend we were at the CCBA summit in Sacremento, which last year was the first festival we ever poured at. And recently we’ve bottled a couple of the first beers we brewed, which have aged […]

Brewery and Club Update

Hey Hey! First, major apologies for the lack of blogging…It’s been a summer. Wanted to give you a small update: Construction at the brewery has been ongoing the entire year, with it slowly but surely coming to an end for Phase 1. With losing power for 3 months, and some hiccups with the city, small […]

Beer Paper LA December 2015 Article

In case you missed it, here is the text to my article in Beer Paper LA from December 2015. Catch my second piece in the June 16 issue now! You may have noticed a lack of blog posts since March 2015. Oops! Hope to be more active soon. Cheers! -Kevin Back in May, I was […]

Story Behind Our Name

Cellador is the literal interpretation  of the British pronunciation of the phrase ʺCellar Door.” It is widely said that the phrase Cellar Door is the most beautiful sounding in the English language. Our name is a play on the fact that the correct spelling is irrelevant to this idea. Art and beauty in all its […]

Why a Brewery in LA?

There’s something special about beer. From my first homebrewed batch in my kitchen, I was instantly hooked. I tend to focus on a thing with insane attention, and pretty soon I had almost completely converted my obsession with philosophy to brewing. Fast forward a few years. I’ve spent time working in the breweries at Golden […]