Cellador’s Fresh New Look!

Weve got huge news!

After spending the past five years gaining a ton of experience making beer for you and discovering what we really want Cellador to be and to embody, it’s time to make some moves. This journey has been one of growth and transformation for us all, and now it’s time to bring our brand along with us.

We‘re incredibly excited to share our new designs, which continue to showcase the rustic quality of what we do here at Cellador Ales, while incorporating the elegance and agriculturally-rooted quality we hope to elicit in the beers we produce. Our hope is also that the design more clearly communicates what’s gone into the beers and what we think makes them special.

We couldn’t be happier with the way it came together. Many, many thanks to Danielle Harris at LookLookStudio, who did an amazing job shepherding us through this process and who helped us translate our values into beautiful design.

There were aspects of our old branding that we loved and that we know you did too. Weve kept many of those elements in our new design and some others have been left behind, but we believe there’s more to love about this iteration of Cellador. We‘ll be rolling out a number of new designs over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for some familiar beers with brand new looks and some new releases too!