Single Barrel Syndicate Membership

2018 is SOLD OUT!!!!!

Join the 2019 waitlist below.

Please note, our waitlist is now in the second round and will continue to be segmented as appropriate prior to enrollment. 



1 bottle per release: 7 bottles

(five 375ml & two 750ml) total, for the year.

One Syndicate T-shirt and glass included.

5% discount on bottles and merchandise.


2 bottles per release: 14 bottles

(ten 375ml & four 750ml) total for the year.

One Syndicate T-shirt and glass included.

10% discount on bottles and merchandise.


3 bottles per release: 21 bottles

(fifteen 375ml & six 750ml) total for the year.

One Syndicate T-shirt and glass included.

10% discount on bottles and merchandise.

Cellador 2 bottle insulated bag w/ copper Syndicate logo pin.


4 bottles per release: 28 bottles

(twenty 375ml & eight 750ml) total for the year.

One Syndicate T-shirt and glass included.

15% discount on bottles and merchandise.

Cellador 2 bottle insulated bag w/ copper Syndicate logo pin.


  • Membership prices do not include tax and crv
  • Possible additional limited syndicate releases at an additional cost
  • T-shirt and glassware will be available in early 2018, sign up for size of t-shirt at time of purchase
  • First option to purchase membership for 2019
  • 1 Syndicate Membership only party in 2018. Date and details TBD. Fee required for members & guests
  • We will hold a few blending sessions throughout the year for members only. This event will be by sign up only, with each event having a max amount of attendees. We don’t guarantee that enough spots will be open for all members to attend a blending session. Each member can only attend one session.
  • First option to purchase all non-Syndicate bottle releases with bottle limits depending on the release size. These general public releases will first be available to members only through online sales
  • Some Syndicate releases may allow for extra bottles to be purchased, depending on the size of the barrel. Limits for these bottles will be equal for all member tiers
  • 5-15% discount on additional bottles and merchandise (depending on tier level).
  • The styles and timing of the 7 releases will be at the sole discretion of our team
  • You must be 21 years or older to join the Single Barrel Syndicate
  • Each member will get one handmade fire-branded bottle opener made from the staves of one of our barrels


    • All options require proof that purchaser/designated trustee or individual being delivered to is of age 21 or over
    • Can ship within CA at an additional cost. Find out more information on our shipping policies here.
    • Option to hold bottles through March of the following year (please note: all orders are automatically held at the brewery unless shipping is indicated by purchasing a shipping box). Any bottles/merchandise that is not picked up by March of the following year will be forfeited without refund. (2017 members have the option to hold their orders at the brewery through March 31, 2018, and 2018 members have the option to hold their orders at the brewery through March 1, 2019.
    • To pick up your order at the brewery, you  must email to coordinate a time. A week notice is appreciated, but not required.
    • Members may designate a Trustee to pick up their beers. An ID proving that the person is accepting the package is 21+ years of age will be required. Name of trustee must be emailed to Trustees must be indicated for each order unless you have designated a permanent trustee. Trustees can be changed at any time by emailing

Shipping within California

Shipping is available to both members and non-members. Shipping can be made to any residential or business address in California at an additional cost. A flat rate shipping cost of $10, which is charged when you purchase a shipping box, will be applied to all merchandise and bottle orders. Each piece of glassware and/or shirt shipped will take the place of 1 bottle in a box. If you would like to save on shipping costs, you have the option to combine orders and ship multiple orders at once. If you would like to do this, just purchase a shipping box when you are ready to ship all orders being held at the brewery. Please keep in mind our non-member and member hold times, as each individual order may have a different hold expiration date. Cellador Ales is only legally allowed to ship to addresses within California, even if your state allows beer shipping. GSO will not ship to PO boxes. Shipment cost will increase for each case of 12 items (Example: If you combine 24 bottles into a shipment order, you will need to purchase 2 shipping boxes, which will total $20 for shipping).

Shipments are processed and picked up by GSO every Tuesday for the week prior. All packages are shipped overnight, and will be delivered on the following Wednesday. The cutoff time for shipments each week is Monday by noon. Any shipments placed after Monday at noon will be included in the following weeks shipments.

A signature and government issued ID proving that the person accepting the packing is 21+ years of age will be required upon delivery. We cannot ship beer to P.O. boxes. If purchaser is not present for adult signature, and a package is returned, purchaser will be charged a return fee (determined by cost of return shipping, restocking, and any other fees that may occur). If packages are returned to Cellador Ales, you may re-choose your form of delivery/pick-up at that time by contacting

Re-Selling Beer

We expect that no Syndicate release will be resold for any reason. All beer purchased and obtained through The Syndicate is for the purpose of consumption. Please do not resell Cellador brands outside of the Syndicate releases without obtaining a wholesale account with us. Reselling bottles without a wholesale account with Cellador Ales is illegal and can jeopardize our and your ABC license. Licensed retailers are prohibited from purchasing beer as a Syndicate member unless it is solely for personal consumption and not for resale or distribution. If a club member is found illegally reselling our beer, their membership will be canceled, and whatever allocations are left at that point will be refunded.

Cancellations/Terminations of Syndicate Membership

Cellador Ales reserves the right to cancel/terminate Syndicate Memberships for any reason. If your Syndicate membership is terminated by Cellador Ales, you will be notified through the email attached to your account and a refund based on the remaining allocations will be refunded to you. It is up to Cellador Ales’ discretion to allow or terminate any memberships at any time, and reasons may or may not be given.

Cellador Ales’ Syndicate Memberships are final sale and once purchased, members may not cancel their membership for that year.

Any benefits purchased with the Syndicate membership that are not picked up/set up to be delivered by March 1st, 2019 will be considered the property of Cellador Ales.


All shipping and pick up policies are subject to change at any time, and may be altered once our tasting room is open.


Please email Kevin or Sara at for any additional info.

We’re excited and looking forward to a great year with you all. Cheers!

2017 Releases so far…

Factitious Excellencies:

Bourbon barrel aged dark sour w/

organic boysenberries



Quis Erit: 

Blended sour with blackberries,

blueberries, and raspberries aged

in a 500l red win puncheon



Slide Down My Cellar Door:

Blend of barrel aged wild ales

in a 400L puncheon with 150lb

or Masumoto Gold Dust Peaches



Psalm Spite: 

Red wild ale aged in a sherry 

puncheon with 200lbs of Black

Raspberries. Bottled still/flat



Lady Lay: 

Blended Sour aged in a 400L

red wine puncheon with

organic Rainier cherries




Belgian inspired sour/wild beer

aged one year in red wine 

Hungarian oak barrels 

(coming soon…)