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cellador-glassware1First, major apologies for the lack of blogging…It’s been a summer. Wanted to give you a small update: Construction at the brewery has been ongoing the entire year, with it slowly but surely coming to an end for Phase 1. With losing power for 3 months, and some hiccups with the city, small construction plans took longer than we anticipated. As phase 1 of construction closes, we are beginning the initial planning phases for a tasting room! We’ve been working with our architect to plan the look, feel and vibe of the space, and hope to start the CUB process soon. Ideally, we will have a tasting room by the end of 2017. However, with LA City complications and cost for a CUB, it could potentially be longer. Keep an eye for updates as we get further into the process!


This year, we’ve brewed around 3,600 gallons of beer. We’ve filled 12 puncheons, 35 standard wine barrels, and a few bourbon barrels. Going forward, we hope to do 15 bbls every week, which means around 30 more oak barrels every month.img_1907

Last month, we released our first bottle series called ++good Mosaic (pronounced: double plus good Mosaic). This series will continue throughout the coming year with a different dry hop variety added to the same base. We recently bottled Blend 2 of this (with Citra!) and are planning to release it if all goes well in November. So far the Citra has added some great tropical favors and aroma!


We’ve continued to do some small bottling runs, and hope to release a few more beers soon, including a table saison, a hoppy wild ale with oranges and orange peel, and a bourbon barrel sour biere de garde. Be sure to follow our social media accounts and join our mailing list to stay up to date on our releases!


And we’re starting a club! The Single Barrel Syndicate. Thanks so much to everyone who’s joined so far. We really appreciate your support, and are excited to get you some amazing beers in 2017! We’ve gotten some feedback from people that the price per bottle on the lower tiers of our club is prohibitively expensive. Since we initially created the tier system to help those who did not want to spend $300+ on a membership, this feedback is important to us. So, we’ve decided to make a small change to the structure! Instead of seven 375ml bottle releases for the year, we’re going to change two of the release to 750ml bottles. As a member, you’ll now get five releases of 375ml beers and two 750ml releases. We hope that our current members see this as a small treat for your early support, and that it’ll help those with pricing concerns feel better about the up front cost. You can find more info here on the membership and how to sign up. Online registration will stay open through Saturday, November 5th, 2016 (while supplies last). Cheers! img_1895

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