Story Behind Our Name

Cellador is the literal interpretation  of the British pronunciation of the phrase ʺCellar Door.” It is widely said that the phrase Cellar Door is the most beautiful sounding in the English language. Our name is a play on the fact that the correct spelling is irrelevant to this idea.

Art and beauty in all its forms are the meaning of life. We will create a culture from varying aspects of our entire environment including the art for our logos, beer names, the flavors we produce, the ambiance in our tasting room, and our plan to collaborate with local artists. Our name is just one more reflection of this idea.

We at Cellador Ales love to collect and age beers, and we strive to create our own beers that can improve and hold up to the tests of time. The name Cellador conjures up images of cellaring (aging) which perfectly aligns with these goals.